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2014 The Year In Review

We had an amazing year! The following is just a sample of some of the fun we had in 2014. Thanks to you, we raised a great deal of money for local, national and international charities and did some crazy things as well as met some very cool people in the process. I had a hard time choosing from the many, many, many, many photos on my computer but I think this will give you the gist of it. Gist. What a funny word!

And here we go!

I am going to start with this crazy lady. She was representing an animal rescue and that…melange… in front of her is a “special” live auction item she created. It’s a bunch of stuffed bears in a plastic tablecloth. I give her an “A” for creativity and an “F” for knowing what kinds of things you people will actually bid on.

February was a celebrity filled month beginning with a visit from Nick Lache and his fiancee. On this night (filmed for a reality show) Nick famously said to his fiancee, from the stage “when I look in your eyes, I see me.” Run girl, run!

Also in February, Amy Adams came to play bingo and two days later was sitting in the front row of the Academy Awards! We must be on “the awards circuit”!

Our pal Chaz Bono also stopped by but very quickly. I don’t think he loves calling bingo but he is very good at acting like he does.

March was another big celeb month with a visit from Jennifer Coolidge. Jennifer hired a burlesque dancer to perform just in case her presence wasn’t enough. And trust me, it was. A very nice lady that Jennifer. Bend and snap!

And then there was our famous “Scandalingo” night with several of the cast members of “Scandal”! We loved all of them and kudos to Roxy Wood for dressing up as “Olivia Nope.”

I was personally thrilled when I spotted Ben Schwartz of “Parks & Recreation” in the audience. I am a huge fan of the show and of his. Just watched him in the film “This Is Where I Leave You” with Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and others. Love you Ben!

Also in March- Roxy put lipstick on a little boy.

In April, one of our favorite people, Dot Marie Jones (Coach Beste on “Glee”) called a few games for us.

Also in April- “Castle” star Molly C. Quinn brought friends to Legendary Bingo and took a shot with Willam. Molly came back later in the year and called bingo on her birthday! Cast mate Seamus Dever showed up and surprised her with a cake!

…and then a bunch of frat boys dressed in “drag” showed up and one of them could not hold his liquor. Sit like a lady young man!

My dream came true in May and I met Mrs. Brady. Florence Henderson was so incredibly lovely and down to earth. I sent this photo to my mom to show her that I finally found my real mother after all of these years. She was not amused.

Also in May- a visit from “American Horror Story” actress Jamie Brewer. Look for her in the newest incarnation “Freak Show” in the next week or so. PS- she was awesome.

…and then Roxy paddled a little boy so hard at a private party he fell on the ground crying. Turns out he is just a good little actor. #!$% brat.

In June Roxy and I began our monthly adventure at The Sunset Strip Farmers Market. We offered free bingo and the prizes were Keurig Coffeemakers! Seriously- we were sponsored -which means I received a deluxe version like they give to all of the big celebrities. You know. Anyway, hopefully we will be back in the spring for round 2!

In July, Kay Sadilla (pronounced “quesadilla” get it?) dropped by and let us look up her dress.

…Calpernia made a moustchioed man pass out.

And over at Viva Cantina in Burbank we had people who loved their prizes.

And those who hated “the bag of crap.” We hope to be back at Viva soon!

One of the highlights in July was selling out The Americana At Brand for four weeks! And that’s about 400 people each time! The amazing Deven Green and I spun our balls for the crowd and tried to calm them down when the food service went awry. These were magical summer evenings folks!

In August, “Mom” star Mimi Kennedy stopped by Hamburger Mary’s to promoted peace…

And weatherman Fritz Coleman (sorry- meteorologist) made a visit to Viva Cantina and told us to grab an umbrella- it looked like rain. He was wrong.

Not to be upstaged by Florence Henderson, Susan Olsen aka “Cindy Brady” called our balls in September and revealed that she has a son named Mike. This is only topped by Erin Murphy aka “Tabitha” from “Bewitched” revealing that she is married to a man named Darren.

“CSI” was in the house in October with a visit from Marg Helgenberger who brought a group of friends to play bingo.

On the same night, Wanda Sykes showed up and asked for a table on a very busy night. Of course I said yes. I am afraid of her!

In November, this guy’s prize package fell and broke in to pieces….

…and then came December which is right now so you’ll just have to check the recent emails for those amazing experiences.


Okay then, this is where I tell you that we will be back on Wednesday, January 7th to resume our normal schedule (no bingo on New Years eve or on Sunday, January 4th).

Much love to you all from Bingo Boy, Willam, Roxy Wood, Calpernia Addams, Porsha Hayy, Joel “69” Bryant and Deven Green. That’s our Legendary Bingo family wishing a fabulous 2015 to your and your family.

Looking forward to a spectacular year! Aren’t you?

Bingo Boy

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