Happy New Year from me
and Molly Shannon.

I don’t know why I did that- I guess because I could.

Anyway, Happy New Year! We will be back in full swing this Wednesday night- Willam is making an appearance- and we look forward to another great year!

As you may or may not know, we do a bingo night every six months to benefit the building of the Sierra Madre Rose Float. This year they once again outdid themselves with “I Think I Can,” a float honoring “The Little Engine That Could.” I love that story and think that Legendary Bingo is just like that little guy- we just keep going and going…..!

The float won the Mayor’s Award for excellence and we want to say to all of our Sierra Madre friends- CONGRATULATIONS!


It is that time of year in which I reveal to you my annual “Wish List Of Celebrity Guests”! Maybe I didn’t do it last year but I meant to. These are celebs that I would love to have come and call our balls. If any of you out there can make it happen (have any connections to these any of these people?) please do so and I will have Roxy give you a lap dance as a reward. Get us Beyonce and I bet Roxy will do more than that…

#1- Roseanne Barr
Roseanne has been on my wish list before and we were thisclose to having her but alas it did not happen. I just think she would be bitchy, irreverent and fun. Just how we like our ballcallers.

#2- Joan Collins
Don’t ask me why. I just want her. She could say something like “Well if it isn’t Blake and Crystal having an O-69!” Or something like that.

#3- Jean Smart
She was our very first celebrity guest and I have such good memories of her. Look at her- she is holding up a prize and eating a sandwich at the same time- while on stage at bingo. Please Jean, come back to Bingo Boy!

#4- Melissa McCarthy
Stranger things have happened. We will even give her some ranch dressing to make her feel at home (inside SNL joke). And along the same lines…..what about her friend…

#5- Sandra Bullock
If you remember, Roxy and I met Sandy at a gay baby shower and loved her. In person she is exactly how you imagined- funny, a little OCD and gorgeous. Come on Sandy- just a couple of balls!

#6- Merritt Weaver
Nurse Jackie? Yes please! New Girl? Also yes please! She is hilarious and I just know she will have a good time with us. Is she in town? Can you find out? Merritt- call me! Julie Bowen has my cell number!

#7- Zooey Deschanel
Speaking of New Girl…..
One of my dogs passed away just before Christmas and watching “New Girl” on Netflix was one of my only comforts (that and crying). Zooey and I met at The LA Equestrian Center a while back. I was out walking my horse and I heard a voice say “what a beautiful horse!” I checked my fly and then realized she meant Buddy Boy- my beautiful horse. When I turned to look it was Zooey! We talked for a moment and she was very sweet. If she comes to bingo I will give her a big hug and a lock of Buddy Boy’s hair.

#8- Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor
I mean why not. This is one of the few Hollywood couples that I like to see acting together (Zoolander is the best).

And speaking of couples….

#9- Chris Pratt & Anna Faris
Before you say “no way Jose” just remember that Amy Adams came to bingo. I don’t know why that is important but it just is.

Well, we hope to see you all in the new year- please come out and support our charities! Plan your birthday party with us! Your bachelorette party! Have us at your home and impress your friends! It would be a shonda not to have us at your temple!

Bingo Boy

Here’s what’s coming up in WeHo this week!

Wednesday Night- January 7th
Starring Bingo Boy & Willam Belli!

7 pm show- benefiting
Forte Animal Rescue!

9 pm show- benefiting

Sunday Night- January 11th
Starring Roxy Wood & Porsha Hayy!

6 pm show- benefiting
Yorkie Rescue Of America!

8 pm show- benefiting
Challenge 4 Charity!
8288 Santa Monica Blvd- At Sweetzer
reservations for parties of 6 or more- 323-654-3800

Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Valet and street parking available

Here’s what’s coming up in Pasadena!

Tuesday Night- January 13th
Starring Bingo Boy & Roxy Wood!

7 pm show- benefiting
AIDS Service Center!

All reservations can be made by clicking here!


22 Mills Place- on historic Mills Place Alley

Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Street and pay convenient lot parking available!

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