I don’t know why. I think I just like that he is wearing a ton of eye makeup on the album cover. Do you think Priscilla taught him to do the eyebrows?

This last week Roxy and I had another road trip- this one an overnighter to beautiful Monterey Bay California! I planned plenty in advance so I got a good deal on our hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in the city of Seaside which is actually where Cal State University Monterey Bay is located. Try to figure that one out.

The only problem is that there must be ten Holiday Inn Expresses in Seaside (I am not kidding) and the one we ended up at was not the one I had stayed at before and loved so much.

But they did have this…..

I am getting ahead of myself.

We left on Thursday morning so that we could have a nice leisurely drive.

Here is Roxy enjoying the fact that I am doing all of the driving.

I wonder if Roxy taught Priscilla Presley how to do eyebrows so that she could then teach Elvis?

Anyway, the drive was gorgeous and it made me realize that we grow a lot of stuff in California. Mostly grapes for wine but also some other produce products.

…such as lettuce! Here’s Roxy giving a giant “head.” Get it? Head of lettuce? PS- for some reason there are “giant people” all along the route to Seaside. I do not know why.

Also along the way we needed to stop for lunch and we saw a sign for “Dorina’s Mexican Grill” and for some reason that sounded delicious.


That’s me flipping off the sign for “Dorina’s Mexican Grill” which turns out had gone out of business years ago but they left the sign up to taunt hungry travelers such as us. We. Us. F*ck you Dorina.

We arrived at the hotel (again, not the one I actually thought we were staying at) and went to our rooms. The rooms were nice and all was well until….the power went out. And then back on. And then out. And then back on. And then…..just out.

This is what it was like in my room-

And this is what it was like in Roxy’s room-

Noting sadder than a girl trying to put on makeup in the dark. But Roxy didn’t care. She just pulled out her portable lighted mirror and kept on going!

PS- the power was out for a couple of hours (went back on just as we were leaving for the gig) but when I asked the front desk the next day for some sort of “reparations” they said “no because it was not our fault.” Turns out a car hit a power line that evening and the entire city of Seaside was blacked out. Thanks Holiday Inn Express Seaside!

Our event was wonderful, however. Here is a large group of students just waiting to get in and play with us-

Such nice kids. We/they had a great time as always.

Here is Roxy trying to control the crowd with her laser beam stare-

“I command you to play bingo!!!!!!”

They love Roxy so much they even put stars on the ceiling as an homage to her-

Wonder Woman!

And speaking of Wonder Woman- as we were leaving Roxy just had to lay down on the metal table because “it matched her dress.”

So just to be clear- that is Roxy laying on a table in the foyer of a major university. Because it had to be done. And the table matched her dress.

A great trip, even though driving 5 hours each way killed my back.

One more thing- every year our Annual Free Night Of Bingo is one of our most popular and I thought you might want to put Thursday, December 28th on your calendar. We always sell out so maybe making a reservation would be in order. One show at 7 pm.

Looking forward to our normal schedule this week of Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday so I hope you will take some time out of your holiday shopping to come and see us!

Don’t forget to print out your DOUBLE GAME COUPON below!

And see you this week at BINGO!


Bingo Boy

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