And “Bingo” Was His Name-O…

I don’t know why dogs and bingo go together- maybe because of that old song. And so it happens that this week Legendary Bingo is going to be so doggone fun that you won’t want to miss it!

Both of our charities on Wednesday night are dog rescues- The Bark Avenue Foundation at 7 pm and Ruff Patches at 9 pm. Every time we benefit a dog rescue I am overcome with the fact that we really are saving lives during that show. The money raised goes to rescuing dogs from “death row,” providing lifesaving medical attention, giving rescued animals “forever homes” and so much more.

Is your heart warmed yet? Well, if not you are one cold customer. I will give it one last try by showing you the Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 commercial “Lost Puppy.” If this doesn’t do it, please seek medical attention…

Lost Puppy
Lost Puppy

Puppies and horses! Budweiser really knows how to get my attention, that is for sure. And I don’t even drink beer.

Speaking of horses. I saw one named Bentley yesterday who had a tail that reminded me of a little movie called “Frozen.”

Right? His owner was scooping up a pile of poop from behind the horse and as I walked by I swear I heard the horse softly singing “I just let it go! Let it go-oh…”!

Roxy and I did a party in Manhattan Beach a few nights ago for a bunch of parents raising money for their kids school. As usual, the parents were really celebrating the fact that there were no children in sight which gave them the right to treat us like we were substitute teachers (general misbehavior and loudness). But I gotta say, they were a fun group and very much in to the “drag” aspect of our little bingo show.

Here is one example-

Yes folks- that is a human-like punching bag dressed up like a…..well, an armless Bruce Jenner I would say. Yes? (Mr. Jenner- I stole the boa and am happy to UPS it to you…).

One more photo of happy bingo players in Manhattan Beach-

These folks win the award for most fun props, that’s fo sho.

And finally, a photo of some cookies that a bingo fan gave to me last Wednesday night-

Two plums and a banana! How did they know! Honestly they were each a delicious treat and I savored them one at a time, giving each special attention.

Thank you.

See you at bingo and…

Don’t forget to print out you DOUBLE GAME COUPON below!
Bingo Boy

Here’s what’s coming up in WeHo this week!

Wednesday Night- February 4th
Starring Bingo Boy & Willam Belli!

7 pm show benefiting –
The Bark Avenue Foundation!

9 pm show benefiting –
Ruff Patches!

Sunday Night- February 8th
Starring Bingo Boy & Calpernia Addams!

6 pm show benefiting –
California Quake Women’s Tackle Football Team!

8 pm show benefiting –
Citizens For Los Angeles Wildlife!

8288 Santa Monica Blvd- At Sweetzer
reservations for parties of 6 or more- 323-654-3800

Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Valet and street parking available

Here’s what’s coming up in Pasadena!

Tuesday Night- February 17th
Starring Bingo Boy & Roxy Wood!

7 pm show benefiting –
The Pasadena Jaycees!

EQUATOR CAFE- Pasadena Ca.
22 Mills Place- in historic Mills Alley across from Burke Williams

For all reservations, please click here.
Must make a reservation to attend!

Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Pay lot and street parking available

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