And we know it. In fact, one of our large charities calls their bingo event “Dirty Bingo” so everyone will know. So proud.

This past Thursday Roxy and I traveled to Wilshire Boulevard (that street is all tore up!) for the 10th Annual Dirty Bingo to benefit The Cancer Support Community. 10th annual! I have no long term memory of anything besides actors names and song lyrics so it always seems like the first time to me. But I do know that in ten years we have helped to raise more than $200,000 for this amazing organization offering emotional support, counseling and referrals to those with cancer. That’s alotta dough!

Anyway, it’s been ten years and Roxy can prove it.

…those are some big balloons, yes?

For the event this year, the charity decided to give “Drag Queen Bingo: The Home Game” to each winner along with some cool HDTV swag (a sponsor of the event) and had me invite a few “extra” queens to help out. So of course I went right to the game and brought out “Tiffany Green” and “Veronica Black” (two characters in the game) to help our friend ‘Roxy Ruby” (also a character in the game).

Of course they went right out and plied their wares on Santa Monica Blvd.

I don’t know how much they made but I am sure they donated it to The Cancer Support Community.

The event was held at Busby’s and the venue had a new addition since the last time we were there. An indoor “putt-putt” course. Not sure that I would go to a bar to play miniature golf but one of the “holes” I found quite interesting-

If you make it in the toilet bowl, you win! Very clever. And it reminded me of our good friend Cher who only refers to “The Donald” in her Tweets with a certain emoji…

“in a mafia wife hairdo”!!!! Cher should start doing those celebrity roasts. She is very creative!

On Sunday night, Roxy and I were at Mary’s for a couple of shows- the first one benefiting a Golden Retriever Rescue. So of course I had to go and slobber all over the dogs.

 Okay- they slobbered all over me and it was amazing.

While I was french kissing the dogs, Roxy was busy paddling almost everyone in the entire restaurant.

First came the birthdays-

I think at least seven asses were sacrificed for this occasion.

And then, who would have thought it, a mother and daughter BOTH called false bingos at the same time so Roxy took care of them together for expediency-

PS- that is the aunt who is looking so joyful as she watches.

And if you wonder “does it hurt”? I am going to say no (I have had my share of paddlings) but the daughter might disagree-

“Mommy, my bottom hurts!”

Lots of fun as usual over here in our world. Hope you can share it with us very soon. Warning- wear thick underwear…


That’s Tuesday night. If you are reading this on Wednesday, you missed it.And the beautiful Deven Green is joining me!


 See below for details.



This Thursday, September 1st, I will be back at Grand Central Market with a very special guest bingo hostess! She is somewhere and on this email but you will just have to come and see for yourself!

Click here for info.

Click on the photo to purchase your very own “Drag Queen Bingo: The Home Game”!

Don’t forget to print out your DOUBLE GAME COUPON below!

And see you this week at BINGO!


Bingo Boy


Here’s what’s coming this week in Pasadena!


Tuesday Night, August 30th!



starring Bingo Boy & Deven Green!


7 pm show benefiting- 

The Leukemia/ Lymphoma Society!

Click on the charity name to reserve your seats! Must make an online reservation to attend!

22 Mills Place, Pasadena Ca.
Parking available in pay lots nearby




Here’s what’s coming up in WeHo this week!



Wednesday Night- August 31st!

Starring Bingo Boy & Porsha Hayy!


7 pm show benefiting – 

 New Filmmakers LA!


9 pm show benefiting –


Sunday Night- September 4th!


Starring Bingo Boy & Porsha Hayy!



6 pm show benefiting –




8 pm show benefiting –

Girl Scout Moms!

8288 Santa Monica Blvd- At Sweetzer
reservations for parties of 3 or more- 323-654-3800 
Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Valet and street parking available
Present this coupon at Legendary Bingo on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Sunday night and receive DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF REGULAR BINGO CARDS & ONE EXTRA GRAND PRIZE CARD!
Must make $20.00 donation to charity in order to use this coupon. One coupon per person. May also show coupon on your phone.
Offer Expires: 09/04/16


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