Dude! We have been so busy and it’s only January 10th! (that’s when I will send this to you) So for this week I decided to go a little behind the scenes and show you what is happening in Legendary Bingoland as we begin 2017!

Roxy and I started the year off with a ridiculously packed Wednesday night show on January 4th. Alas, I did not take any photos so you will just have to believe me.

On the 5th, Roxy and I hit DTLA again for our (right now) monthly free bingopalooza in which we bring drag to the very core of Grand Central Market. Need some veggies? Sticky rice? Granola? And how about some drag queen bingo while you dine?

In the winter we cannot be out on the patio (brrr) so we set up right in front of the expensive latte stand. BTW we receive no discount on lattes and that’s a shame since Roxy is obviously classing up their joint to the maximum. C’mon guys- it’s just coffee even though it’s marketed like it’s rare freakin’ jewels in a cup. Coffee!

I usually give away bingo merchandise as prizes and this table won their very own “I am a bingo bitch” mug as well as a “Bingo makes me horny” t-shirt! Some day I am going to pass by someone in a park wearing that shirt and drinking out of that mug and I can then die happy.

On to Sunday night the 8th at Hamburger Mary’s. Words cannot describe how busy we were. We did only one show at 6 pm due to a scheduling snafu and it was as if two shows worth of people all turned up for one show.

And I remembered to take photos!

Let’s begin. Here is the left side of the patio (remember this is outside- not even in the restaurant!)

Poor waiter is stuck between two tables! Someone breathe in and free him!

Here is the right side of the patio-

Seemingly not as crowded but every single stool has an ass on it. Look, there’s City Hall!

Inside it looked like this-

This is the front section close to the stage. Look at the guy in the afro! I told him he looked like “Weird Al Sharpton.”

This is toward the back where all of the booths are an no one really wants to sit. But they did!

I love the waiters at Hamburger Mary’s. They really do try to do their best in an almost impossible situation. Everyone arrives at the same time and the kitchen is sometimes slow in getting out the orders. So basically the waiter is f*cked.

That’s Jamie. He looks scared.

And if you wonder why the food sometimes takes a bit….

In restaurant terminology, this is called “a double wheel.” See how there are two rows of tickets? Each one in an order for a table. A “double wheel” means your food is going to take so long you may be eating it in the car on the way home. To be fair, the restaurant does a great job and it’s my fault that 200 people show up at the same time, all wondering “where are my chicken strips damn it!” BTW the “wheel” part is from the olden days when guest checks were hung on a wheel and spun around to face the cook.

Like this one here!

Anyway, we are looking forward to more packed nights and we may even have some surprises for you in the near future! So stick with us and continue supporting our charities and “getting your drag bingo on”!

If you would like some of our BINGO BOY MERCHANDISE for yourself or a friend, click on the photo below and shop till you drop!


Don’t forget to print out your DOUBLE GAME COUPON below!

And see you this week at BINGO!


Bingo Boy

Here’s what’s coming up in WeHo this week!

Wednesday Night- January 11th!

Starring Bingo Boy & Roxy Wood!
7 pm show benefiting – 

Friends of Lockwood Elementary!

9 pm show benefiting –
Sunday Night- January 15th!
Starring Bingo Boy & Roxy Wood!
6 pm show benefiting –
8 pm show benefiting –

  The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society!

8288 Santa Monica Blvd- At Sweetzer
reservations for parties of 3 or more- 323-654-3800 
Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Valet and street parking available
Present this coupon at Legendary Bingo on Wednesday and/or Sunday night and receive DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF REGULAR BINGO CARDS & ONE EXTRA GRAND PRIZE CARD!
Must make $20.00 donation to charity in order to use this coupon. One coupon per person. May also show coupon on your phone.
Offer Expires: 01/15/17

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