We can’t really have our usual “wow- look at how much fun we are having” chats (that’s what I call these emails- chats- even though it is just me talking to you but I do imagine that sometimes you talk back to me- so “chats”) without addressing the devastation in Texas and Florida as well as the fire damages locally.

 It is very hard to sit idly by while so many people are in need of help but I suppose the only thing we can do is to donate to the various causes that are helping and pray in whichever way we choose. I certainly hope that we are never in the position of the people of Texas and Florida but if we were, I hope that we would come together the way that they have. I remember the Northridge Quake in 1994. I was living in Burbank on the 3rd floor and have never been so afraid. Seriously thought the ground was sucking me in. Somehow in seconds I was able to put on a robe (I have no pajamas…) and get my dog Rooney on a leash and flew down three flights of stairs to the parking lot. Soon everyone in the building was sitting in a circle with a little battery operated radio listening for news. Some people dared to go back inside and brought out food and water and blankets. I had never really spoken to any of those people before but we were bonded and we cared for each other- hugs, food, warmth. After that we all began to say hello in the hallways and inviting each other to dinner. Sometimes it takes an emergency to bring humanity together.

On the internet in these past days I am moved by the stories of people helping others and of course, trying to save as many animals as possible. Why is it that we are moved more by “saving animals” stories than perhaps even “saving people” stories? I suppose it is because animals cannot really help themselves and cannot ask us for help.

For the purposes of this email I pulled a few photos off of the internet because I thought they were uplifting. To show that there is care for those in need and that humanity does have the tendency to put aside labels and past aggressions when put to the test. I personally wish it was that way all of the time but this will have to do.

BTW- the tree at the beginning of the email is an amazing demonstration of resilience. The tree has no earth to dig roots in to so it spread out and found a way to survive, even if the odds were against it. Resilience.

In Texas, this 73 year old man would not leave his home without his six dogs and at first, the shelters were not allowing animals inside. Eventually that ban was lifted and the shelters set up special areas for people and their animals. He is now enjoying a hot cup of coffee and of course, checking on his dogs to make sure they are alright.

Local pet stores have donated leashes, collars and food for people who escaped the flooding with their animals.

There are special volunteers including vets who are helping walk and exercise the animals as well as making sure they are healthy, dry and have food and water.

 All I can say is that I would want the same for my family of animals and would probably strap them all to my chest to make sure they went with me.

Ys, these are my little brats- in black and white for dramatic effect. A miracle to get them all in one shot but there were treats just off camera so….

On the left is Bey then Dawber (he is not blind in one eye- he is winking at you) then Li’l G (he’s an Original Gangster) and then finally Lizze the Corgi who actually thinks she is Queen.

 I hope that all of your loved ones are safe and our thoughts once again go out to all.

 Something fun from the internet-

This is how I feel when I stand next to Roxy….

Maybe Walmart will have a “Rim Job” shirt next season!



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