Well, not really anyone but we do have a pretty diverse clientele.

Take this week for example.

On Tuesday night we headed out to the Cal State Dominguez Hills campus in Carson for our very first bingo with their students. All of the “kids” were very nice and so happy to have some “entertainment” between studying.

For this photo I used an “old timey” filter because I wanted it to look like Roxy was the teacher in the 1970’s and this was her “social studies” class. Can you imagine if Roxy was your teacher in the 1970’s? I know a lot of you weren’t even born then but it would have been way cool. Especially when she told you that your homework assignment was to bring her costume jewelry you stole from your mother. Hey, it could happen!

Next up was Wednesday night bingo at Hamburger Mary’s and I thrilled the crowd by booking both Willam and Roxy for the occasion. I had special guests that I needed to attend to so they took care of the show.

Here are Roxy and Willam with my special guests. Actually they are mostly producers with Is Or Isn’t Entertainment- a production company headed by Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bukatinsky. You see, they and I (Them and I? I and they?) are working on developing a game show for television based on…..well I can’t say but I am sure you can guess from what it is I do for a living. They all had a great time and Roxy and Willam were, as usual, insane and wonderful together.

On Thursday night we were off to DTLA for our bi-monthly (does that mean 2 times a month?) bingo at Grand Central Market. We had some special guests there too!

Look at all of the royalty! We all know Roxy is a queen but next to her in the purple jacket is, what I am told, “The Queen of Downtown L.A.”! I later found out it is a true story! Her name is Carol Shatz and until January of this year, she was the head of the Central City Association and no, I do not have any idea what that means. All I know is that she chose to celebrate her birthday at Drag Queen Bingo. Also, she knighted Bingo Boy so now you have to call me “Sir Bingo Boy” and bring me tea and crumpets.

We do our bingo magic on the patio of Grand Central Market (huge crowds BTW) and this time I took a shot of our backdrop. Check out the view right behind us.

Gorgeous! Makes me feel very “Carrie Bradshaw-like.”

And never let it be said that the vendors at the Market do not have a sense of humor-

A little disturbing considering my mother’s name is Valerie but whatever.

On Sunday night we were back at Mary’s and let me just say that I DO know who let the dogs out.

It was me and her name is Sophie. Another great show to benefit Pug Nation Animal Rescue!

Speaking of rescuing. If Sharks ever fall from the sky, our special guest on Sunday night will for sure save us all.

It’s true! Ian Ziering of 90210/Dancing With The Stars/Celebrity Apprentice/Sharknado 1 2 and 3 fame will be our special guest for the 6 pm show this coming Sunday! Roxy is so excited she asked me to steal some costume jewelry from my mother’s jewelry box for the occasion!


Click on the photo to purchase your very own “Drag Queen Bingo: The Home Game”!


Click on the photo below and it will take you to the website!

Don’t forget to print out your DOUBLE GAME COUPON below!
And see you this week at BINGO!
Bingo Boy
Here’s what’s coming up in WeHo this week!

Wednesday Night- September 21st!

Starring Bingo Boy & Calpernia Addams!
7 pm show benefiting – 

 Dirty Dog Squad!

9 pm show benefiting –
Sunday Night- September 25th!
Starring Bingo Boy & Roxy Wood!
6 pm show benefiting –
8 pm show benefiting –

 Home Dog LA!

8288 Santa Monica Blvd- At Sweetzer
reservations for parties of 3 or more- 323-654-3800 
Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Valet and street parking available
Here’s what’s coming up in Pasadena!

Tuesday Night- September 27th!

Starring Bingo Boy & Roxy Wood!
7 pm show benefiting – 

 The Wailer’s Ski Club!

22 Mills Place- in alley across from Burke Williams
Click on charity name for reservation site. Must make a reservation to attend this event! 
Full menu and bar
All ages welcome
Pay lots and street parking available
Present this coupon at Legendary Bingo on Wednesday and/or Sunday night and receive DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF REGULAR BINGO CARDS & ONE EXTRA GRAND PRIZE CARD!
Must make $20.00 donation to charity in order to use this coupon. One coupon per person. May also show coupon on your phone.
Offer Expires: 09/25/16


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